Learning to Cut the Sugar

Anahad O’Connor’s article in the New York Times is a discussion with Dr. Robert Lustig who became widely known as the “anti-sugar guy” after his lecture “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” gained much attention on YouTube.  Dr. Lustig, is a pediatric endocrinologist who runs a weight management clinic for children and families at the University of California.  He believes that all calories are not created equal and sugar is one of the worst culprits in creating an epidemic amount of obesity and chronic disease in our society.  Although sugar is his biggest concern, he says it’s just one of the many ills he sees in our diets.  He would much rather be known as the “anti-processed food guy”.  He feels that processed foods are everywhere now and everyone is getting sick because of it.  

Read the following article for the complete discussion, which even includes a great breakfast recipe from his reduced sugar cookbook “The Fat Chance Cookbook”.

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