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Welch Financial offers a wide range of services and products to its clients for the management of wealth for the future ahead, from investments to retirement savings and pension planning.


At Welch Financial, we recognize that your time is limited. The effective management of family wealth is necessary in ensuring the long-term financial success for generations to come.

Our approach is to identify the principal issues and areas of financial concern, and then offer a variety of solutions that fit within those goals. And that’s service that can’t be compromised.

One size does not fit all, so neither should your investments options. Welch Financial meets with each one of our clients personally to develop a customized plan based on your current financial situation and future investment goals for you and your family. We develop plans for families around:

  • Investment portfolio
  • Financial plan management
  • Individual pension plans
  • Risk mitigation and management

Welch Financial believes in an incremental growth to wealth, as based on the Financial Priority Pyramid. The first step to wealth management is to have a secure and sound financial plan in place. Based on the goals set in the plan, we can work towards necessities, such as life insurance and living benefits. Financial independence comes from savings towards TSFAs and RRSPs, and growth can lastly be achieved through a vigorous investment plan.

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