Critical Illness Insurance To Protect Your Business 

Because of your hard work, your business is successful. You have savings both personally and inside your company. If you were struck with a critical illness you could easily write a cheque to cover the added healthcare and treatment costs. But while you’re undergoing treatment and recovering, who’s going to look after your business? Who’s going to make sure your products and services are still getting out the door so you still get paid?

In the event you succumb to a critical illness (cancer, heart attack and stroke are most common), a critical illness insurance policy can help keep your business running. This type of coverage doesn’t look after you; it looks after your business.

A corporately owned critical illness insurance policy is a great way to help cover the costs of keeping your business running in the event you’re struck with a critical illness. It’s typically more effective than self-insuring, and with the return-of-premium rider your company can either recover the eligible premiums it’s paid over time or use it to obtain paid-up coverage.