An Inconvenient Truth About Our Food

Mark Bittman’s article in the New York Times endorses the movie “Fed Up” as the most important movie to be made since “An Inconvenient Truth”.   Where the previous movie focused on Al Gore’s crusade to halt global warming’s deadly progress, “Fed Up” deals with tackling diet.  The connection between the two being that climate change cannot be tackled without changing industrial agriculture and therefore diet.  “Fed Up” focuses on the problems with the standard American diet, which consists of way too many increased calories from sugar, since trying to eat food lower in fat.  The further problem is that vested interests have no interest in solving this problem, even though it’s necessary for our survival.  Those involved in this film are hoping that having highly recognizable and adored Katie Couric narrating and a presumably more crowd-pleasing, bright presentation that it will reach more Americans.  In turn, getting the message across to more of the greater public.

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